John Urist Unveils New 2016 Street Outlaw Mustang With Coyote Power


If you want to stay on top of the drag racing mountain, you have to be continually pushing forward with your program. Technological advancements move things like power adders, engine output, and chassis development to new levels all the time, so keeping up with the cutting edge hardware is critical.

Hellion Turbo owner John Urist has been in the heads-up racing game for over 15 years, and he knows better than anyone that if you’re not bettering your program, you’ll be on the trailer early. With the help of Turn 14 Distribution, Urist hopes his all-new 2016 Coyote-powered Ford Mustang will propel him to the winner’s circle on a wave of racing technology progress.

Earlier this season, Urist made the decision to position himself with where the market is headed, at the cutting edge. “Nobody was calling Hellion asking for something similar to what was on the old red [Fox body] Mustang. The drag racing and street racing crowd is moving in a different direction, with a new generation of racers. They’re looking for products that are more street-based, rather than race-based, and that’s what we’re going with on this car.

“Our team members, Haley and Frank, started looking into the future for us with the Coyote platform in their cars, and then my wife Melissa took that to the next level using a 2015 S-550 body and engine, and now what I’m doing is taking the new body style to a full race-level build,” Urist explains.

The new car will be the first S-550 Mustang with a Coyote-based engine to compete in Street Outlaw. Urist put a lot of thought into the design of the car to make it as modular as possible, so it can run in a variety of classes.

“It will be a single turbo car to start with, but we haven’t decided on the turbo size yet because there are different weight breaks for different sizes in Street Outlaw. The plan is to do some experimenting and testing to see what works best. It will have either an 88, 94, or 98mm turbo on it to fit the class,” Urist says.

The majority of the chassis and fabrication work on Urist’s new ride was done at Behind Bars Race Cars in Illinois. Finish work and assembly on the Mustang was done by Bruce Dyckes and Urist himself back home in New Mexico.

To power the car, a billet block MMR built bullet will rest between the front fenders. This will be one of the first billet Coyote platform blocks ever produced. Topping off the engine will be a set of GT350 heads and a MMR Billet runner intake.


Boost for the billet beast comes from a Hellion single turbo kit that will use a Precision Pro Mod-based turbo, and a custom air-to-water intercooler from Behind Bars Race Cars. A Weldon mechanical fuel pump will move the fuel into the motor, while a Motec ECU and fuel injection system will control the Precision 225 pound fuel injectors.

For its debut race at the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl this weekend, the car will be using Haley James’ spare Coyote Modified class engine, after which the car will receive its billet MMR engine.

Putting the power down will be a Neal Racing Powerglide and a QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft. Since the car originally had an IRS rear suspension, Urist had Behind Bars Race Cars custom build an NMRA legal four-link using a 9-inch rearend housing.16_feature_john_urist_0009

Now that the car is ready, Urist will be testing and racing as often as possible the last half of the season. “Getting the car ready took a little longer than expected because the parts were all first-run items, being that the body style is so new. The plan is to finish the NMRA series this year, go to No Mercy in South Georgia in the fall to run the Limited Drag Radial class, the World Cup Finals in Maryland, and the Super Street Car Nationals in Las Vegas to finish the year,” Urist says.

Look for Urist and his new pony to make a big splash in the heads-up world as he dials in all of the new technology and products that fill the car.

Photos courtesy of FrontStreet Media/Turn14 Distribution

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