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At we love to celebrate all things Ford. Over the years, we have been involved with numerous vehicle releases and product launches. Naturally, when the seventh generation Mustang was established as fact, you can bet we were extremely excited to see what the future held. Now the day has arrived and Ford Motor Company is set to unveil the all-new S650 Mustang to the crowd at the Detroit Auto Show.

Ford did an amazing job of keeping the majority of the 2024 Mustang a secret during its developmental stages. While rumors swirled of all-electric platforms and a lack of a manual transmission option, Ford was quick to dispel these incorrect forecasts with a series of teasers to rejuvenate diehard V8 enthusiasts. Everything from simple shift knobs integrated into wording and throaty V8 engine sounds emitted from a revving 2024 Mustang brought us all back, eager to see what the team of Blue Oval engineers will bring to the masses.


Tonight, September 14th, at 8PM ET live from Detroit, Ford Motor Company will unleash The Stampede to debut the all-new seventh-generation Mustang coupe and convertible. Ford will celebrate the next chapter of Motor City’s hometown sports cars among fans, enthusiasts, and employees.

Will Ford continue the legacy of a V8 powered Mustang? Will a manual transmission continue through the seventh generation? How will the S650 chassis differentiate from the S550? Will the interior be a complete redesign? These are all questions that will be answered through the Ford Mustang Global Debut tonight. We encourage all Ford fans to join us here at to watch the unveiling and see history being made!

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