Missing Bullitt Mustang Discovered In Mexico?


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(Photo Credit: Fede Garza/Vintage Mustang Forum)

There are countless mysteries in this world, such as the Bermuda Triangle, Big Foot, the location of Jimmy Hoffa, and whatever happened to second Bullitt Mustang that was destroyed. Well, the long lost and supposed destroyed Bullitt Mustang may have been located near Los Cabos, Mexico. According to Fede Garza, the fastback along with a coupe purchased to create an “Eleanor” clone.

He posted the findings, along with pictures of the iconic car on the Vintage Mustang Forum. Based on the information Fede found, it appears that the long lost Mustang had been sitting and wasting away over the course of 20 to 30 years in the Mexican sunshine.

Based on the photos and information provided by Garza to Vintage Mustang Forums, it appears that both shock towers have been reinforced, which would likely if this turns out to be the missing Bullitt Mustang.

Fede is in the fastener business and learned of the iconic car through the owner of a shop with whom he does business. According to Fede, the owner was is a state of shock when he showed him the VIN, the Marti report, and the title to the 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback. This particular car was likely the car used for the stunt sequences in Bullitt. Regardless, of the amount of time Steve McQueen spent behind the wheel of this car, if this proves to be the correct Mustang, this car is a piece of automotive and movie history.

According to one of Fede’s posts on Vintage Mustang Forums, Kevin Marti, the man behind the Marti reports, is heading for Mexico to investigate this find. There is no word about participation from Ford, but the ’68 is going to be on display at a local Ford dealer based on the information garnered from the forum posts. Based on the information available, this dealership display is serving as a send-off party for the Mustang, before it heads back across the border for a complete restoration.


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