A Lighting Upgrade From UPI That Makes Your Ride Even Safer

If there is one thing that can be said about the lighting in classic cars, it’s that it is nowhere near as bright as the nighttime illuminators found in modern vehicles. Let’s face it, the days of the 1157 bulb have waned. One company leading the charge to better lighting — and safety — is United Pacific Industries (UPI).

UPI is deep in the lighting world and developing energy-efficient lighting technology that is changing the way enthusiasts light-up the night. United Pacific is well-versed in, providing products with greater visibility, safety and quality.

UPI manufactures high-quality LED lighting options that have been engineered with the most advanced technology to exceed brightness, efficiency and performance when compared to incandescent bulbs. With UPI’s reliable LED lighting options, you will experience long-lasting energy for up 50,000 hours.

We recently found out that UPI has added a new safety-oriented lighting option for enthusiasts. This new, dual-function red LED with a clear polycarbonate lens features a beautiful chrome-plated housing and base. It’s the perfect complement to your hot and can be used as a running light and brake light. It is designed with an adjustable mounting base for attaching inside the rear window. The mounting base swivels 180 degrees so it fits multiple applications. Operation is via an energy-efficient solid-state circuit board engineered for 12V DC systems, and the electronics are completely sealed in epoxy to resist corrosion and moisture.

The addition of third brake lights in modern cars was done decades ago. Isn’t it time you and your hot rod receive the same safety-enhancing benefits as they do? You can click here to learn more about this great upgrade From UPI for your classic.

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