An Enclosed Trailer To Easily Load, Transport, & Protect Your Vehicle

An Enclosed Trailer To Easily Load, Transport, & Protect Your Vehicle

We all love driving our cars, but there are times when it’s just not prudent to put all the over-the-road miles on the vehicle’s frontal area, and odometer. When it comes time to limit the highway exposure to your ride, the innovative Futura Super Tourer enclosed, self-lowering trailer from Flying A Motorsports is a perfect way to do it.

Futura Super Tourer enclosed trailer

The Futura Super Tourer is an enclosed trailer with a twist.

The Futura Super Tourer gives you all the protection and privacy of a fully enclosed trailer. But, its self-lowering deck and durable composite exterior membrane with dual opening sides, make loading your pride and joy as easy as possible. Rather than pulling ramps out of storage somewhere to raise your car, this self-lowering trailer allows you to drive right up onto the deck of the trailer. And, the trailer’s low approach angle means you won’t scrape the underside of your ride!

This trailer offers all the benefits of transporting a vehicle in an enclosed trailer, but the sides roll up to allow unparalleled access when entering and exiting the vehicle or tying it down to the trailer.

Once your car or truck is on the trailer, you can use the continuous tie-down track to secure it for transport. The cavernous side-panel openings make entering and exiting the vehicle a breeze, and with everything strapped down, you simply zip the side-panels in place for total protection and concealment.

The deck of the Futura Super Tourer is just over 19 1/2 feet long and 81 inches wide, enough to fit a broad range of vehicles safely. The trailer is fitted with LED lighting, contributing to safe loading during both the day and night. The trailer is constructed of a durable, yet lightweight aluminum chassis and frame, and features an interlocking aluminum deck. The Futura Super Tourer is suited for up to 5,000-pound vehicles with a 7,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating and utilizes electric braking to help keep that load under control.

Rather than rely on ramps to load the vehicle, the Futura Super Tourer's deck drops to ground level and the rear gate lifts up, allowing a low angle to drive the vehicle up onto the trailer.

Other features of the Futura Super Tourer are a recovery winch to help you load even non-running vehicles and removable fenders for the utmost clearance when loading. Other available options include a lockable tire rack, rock guard, spare tire, and the necessary tie-downs.

You’ve got a lot of money and effort invested in your ride. Ensuring it stays safe during those trips when you can’t drive it should also be a consideration. With the Futura Super Tourer trailer, your ride will not have to endure the stones, road grime, and other potential hazards throughout the journey. For more information on these trailers and the many other styles they offer, check out Flying A Motorsports’ website.

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