Ford Bronco Computer Modifications Just Got Easier with Superchips

Your new Ford Bronco came in, now what? If you are anything like me, you either have a garage full of aftermarket parts ready to put on, or a list of mods that you are itching to purchase. With more aftermarket parts and accessories hitting the market for the Bronco, it is not only going to affect your wallet, but can cause some underlying inconveniences that need to be addressed.

For example, one of the first mods that seem to be shared across the Bronco Community, especially if you didn’t get the Sasquatch package, is upgrading the wheels and tires. Most people think that making a change like this stops after the wheels and tires are installed, but that is far from the truth. There are other things that need to be addressed to ensure your Bronco’s computer is accurately calculating and relaying correct information on your screen. Upgrading to a bigger tire size will affect your computer’s calculations for your speedometer, odometer, MPG, and more, so it is important to make the needed changes to your computer to depict the correct information, but how can you do that?


Going to a dealership, paying them to make the changes, and being without your vehicle, seems like a huge hassle. What’s the alternative? Using your own PC and equipment, downloading licenses to use such equipment, and being terrified of making changes on a not-so-user-friendly software, don’t seem any better. Cue the superhero music and in comes Superchips FlashCal to save the day!

Superchips Flashcal is an affordable way to make changes to your computer without the hassle of dealerships, laptops, licenses, and other equipment. You simply plug their FlashCal into your OBD2 port and follow their easy step-by-step guide to making your desired changes to your vehicle’s computer. Making changes to calibrate your speedometer or get rid of that dreaded Auto Start-Stop feature, are just a few of the many options to choose from. Not only can you make changes due to aftermarket modifications, but you can keep this in your glove box for the times your vehicle throws a random error code that you want more information about.

In my video, you will see all the features of the Superchips Flashcal. The best part is, Superchips Flaschcal is not exclusive to the Ford Bronco. This equipment is available for many different makes and models of cars and is a handy tool to keep around. Making mods to your Bronco can be ever-evolving, which means the Superchips Flashcal will be a highly used tool in your aftermarket Bronco modifications.

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