Team Z Motorsports Keeps Your 1979-2014 Mustang Hood On Lock

Installing an aftermarket hood has many benefits that include saving weight, extracting heat, and adding additional engine bay space. While the benefits of an aftermarket hood far outweigh its OE counterpart, these hoods rarely come equipped to work with the factory lock mechanism or safety latch. Most racers can remember having to drill two holes for their hood pins to slip through before having to insert a cotter key into place. This method has become archaic in an age of ultimate weight savings. Now Team Z Motorsports offers a new way to keep your hood locked in place without the hassles of hood pins and hinges.

Team Z Motorsports is well known for their products in the drag racing world. Throughout the years they have introduced new solutions to every potential problem drag racers have faced. While their suspension packages have been a key element to their success, their chassis componentry has begun to help racers everywhere. To aid in implementing a lightweight hood to your race build, Team Z offers an aluminum Dzus rail kit for 1979-93, 1994-04, and 2005-14 Mustangs. These Dzus rails kits are made from 3003 aluminum and are cut on a water jet for precise fitment. You can also upgrade the rails to come equipped with all the necessary springs and allen head or conventional style fasteners.

A hood failure at speed can be extremely dangerous and costly. The Team Z Motorsports Dzus rail provides multiple mounting points to secure your hood. 

The Team Z Motorsports aluminum Dzus rail kit is more than just another weight savings product. It is also a time and money saving piece. Instead of investing into fabricating a one-off Dzus pin hood attachment point, you can rivet the Team Z product on and be ready to race quickly. Since Team Z puts an emphasis on quality, you can remove the fear of having your composite hood smash your windshield during your record breaking run.

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