Ranger Raptor Pickup Breaks Cover Down Under

We know that the Ranger is returning to Ford’s pickup portfolio, but Ford of Australia revealed that a performance variant is coming as well — at least if you live in the Asia-Pacific region. That variant is the Ranger Raptor, an off-road-ready version of Ford’s smaller truck.

Your off-roading dreams are about to come true. — Ford

“Your off-roading dreams are about to come true,” says Ford. “Joining the Ford lineup in 2018, the Ford Ranger Raptor will be the ultimate performance off-road truck.”

Considering the prowess of the extant F-150 Raptor, that is certainly a bold claim, but Ford isn’t likely to throw such praise around lightly. Could the smaller, more agile  truck offer a real edge in the wild that is larger cousin can’t?

Ford revealed that an off-road-ready Ranger Raptor will join is Asia Pacific product line.

Ford Ranger Raptor with off-road performance is being tested in Australia. — Ford

“Ford Ranger Raptor with off-road performance is being tested in Australia,” the video description says. “The ultimate expression of Ford Ranger will come with exclusive features targeted to deliver the ultimate experience for off-road users.”

Of course, the burning question is will this rugged Ranger jump across the pond and become available in other regions? Time will tell, but color us intrigued.


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