Six Mustangs Shatter World Records At Barrett-Jackson 2017

More than fifty years of history and heritage has taught us that not all Mustangs are created equal, and some are more sought-after than others based on their rarity. In the case of Dennis Collins’ collection of eight separate Mustangs, six of these pony cars proved to be worth a small fortune to some enthusiasts at this year’s Barrett-Jackson auction out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

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As our friends at Gas Monkey Garage noted, Collins was a bit hesitant at first when the news broke that his private collection of Mustangs were headed to auction. Even fans of Collins and the show pointed out that a mere decade more could have made all of the difference in profit. But Collins’ efforts to move onward proved to pay off quite well–as six out of the aforementioned eight Mustangs broke world records out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Checkout the original list below!

1. Lot 400.1 – Sold for $44,000 – WORLD RECORD!


Being the first year of the SN-95 body style, this ’94 Mustang GT convertible has an odometer reading of just under 570 miles total. It was also one of two years (’94 and ’95) that the SN-95 platform featured the outgoing 5.0-liter pushrod V8. This example included the original window sticker, books and manuals.

2. Lot 400.3 – Sold for $71,500 – WORLD RECORD!


This Fox Mustang finished in Cabernet Red with a Scarlet Red interior features nearly power everything! Power steering, power brakes, power windows, and air conditioning, are just some of the amities this ’89 hatchback is rocking (along with EFI, of course). Equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, this Mustang included the original window sticker, and never even went through dealer prep. It had nearly 640 miles at the time of the auction.

3. Lot 400.4 -Sold for $55,000 – WORLD RECORD!


You probably wouldn’t think that this New Edge convertible Mustang would sell for nearly $60,000–but this ’99 Mustang wearing its flawless bright red hue is a 35th anniversary edition model. This limited edition VIP convertible build comes with more than 100 assembly-line photos and features a one-off convertible parade boot which includes a unique pair of “35th anniversary” logos. The car includes the original window sticker, all of the build/shipping marks still on the car, and has never been dealer prepped. With only 13 actual miles on it, has anyone ever even sat in it?

4. Lot 400.5 – Sold for $82,500 – WORLD RECORD!


You’re probably noticing a trend by now, that Collins has taken incredible care of his collection of Mustangs, and you’d be right. Long-time Blue Oval fans will know this ’90 Fox Mustang convertible very well, as it goes without saying–this one surely is a special one of the bunch. Finished in Deep Emerald Green and featuring a white leather interior, this limited edition 7-Up 1990 Ford Mustang LX is the unofficial “25th anniversary” edition Mustang–and it has a rich history behind. Bringing in nearly six figures, this Fox Mustang included the original build sheet, order invoice, manuals, and lots of memorabilia–including the very rare 7-Up bottles.

5. Lot 400.6 – Sold for $44,000 – WORLD RECORD!


This triple-white ’93 Fox Mustang convertible is without a doubt a looker, and the fact that this bad-boy brought in nearly $50,000 is just plain awesome. What’s unique about this limited edition LX Mustang however, is that it’s equipped with a special package that features embroidered pony headrests and floor mats, white wheels, white body trim and a rear spoiler. Following Collins’ trend, this Mustang includes all of the original documentation, and also features a very rare 5-speed manual transmission option for this model. With only 165 actual miles on its odometer, this Mustang won the MCA Gold in the Unrestored Trailer Class.

6. Lot 400.7 – Sold for $63,800 – WORLD RECORD!


The SVO iteration is just one of those Mustangs you never see anymore. These cars really paved the way for future Mustang generations like the V6 and EcoBoost models, and they were tons of fun in their day to say the least. Finished in Jalapeño red, this ’85 Fox Mustang hatchback features all of the available SVO options, plus special-ordered leather and a flip-up sunroof. The SVO Mustangs feature a 2.3-liter electronic fuel-injected inline-four-cylinder engine, and this particular example is paired to a 5-speed manual transmission. Can you believe this Mustang only had only 7 miles on its odometer?

7. Lot 400.2 – Sold for $20,350


While this ’94 SVT Cobra did not shatter any world records at the Scottsdale, Arizona, Barrett-Jackson auction this year–we think it’s still one of the more unique Mustangs around. This Cobra is an Indy 500 Pace Car convertible, and is #558 out of only 1,000 total produced. As if the SVT Cobra Mustangs were not rare enough, this model, with just shy of 3,300 miles on its odometer–features tons of documents, memorabilia, and even the original window sticker and SVT certificate.

8. Lot 400 – Sold for $9,900


This ’83 Four-Eye Fox Mustang convertible might not be the rarest (or most profitable) Mustang of the bunch, but it wears its triple-white finish quite nicely if you ask us. For a car that’s more than 30 years old now, this Mustang features just about everything power you can imagine; and has just under 9,000 miles on its odometer. According to the original ad, this Mustang is “Fully documented from day one, this has a large binder, purchase contract, books, manuals and owner card. A major service was performed December 2015 with receipts, brakes radiator, carb rebuild, complete tune-up, battery and fluids. New stereo with Bluetooth and XM Sirius satellite. It got new TRX style wheels and tires in 2016,”

Which One Was Your Favorite?


We think it goes without saying, the growing popularity of Mustangs of all generations is alive and well–and Dennis Collins’ collection being auctioned off at this year’s Barrett-Jackson auction out of Scottsdale, Arizona, serves as a great testament to that. Now the questions remains, which Mustang was your favorite, and why?

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