*Sneak Peak* Ford Begins Testing All-New Mustang GT3 Race Car 

When Ford Motor Company introduced the all-new 2024 Mustang S650 there was a lot of excitement over the Mustang Dark Horse. The Mustang Dark Horse boasted new styling cues, a 500 horsepower Gen-4 Coyote engine with the internals borrowed from the Shelby GT500, and for being the benchmark on street and track. However the track-capable ‘stang was part of a much broader launch than just the S650 reveal. The introduction of the Mustang Dark Horse set the stage for six new racing Mustangs that are destined to compete globally.

It’s not rare to see the Blue Oval at the dragstrip or NASCAR races, but Ford has in recent years started to push more into road racing territory. In December 2022, an 800-horsepower race-only Ford GT MK IV was produced under the radar and rumors of a Mustang GT3 have been circulating for awhile. Recently, Ford has embarked on a return to Formula 1 with the Red Bull Racing team, as well. However, with six new racing editions coming out for Ford’s global pony car, little information has been released. That was until details were leaked about the S650 Mustang GT3 race car today.

Ford will be testing the all-new S650 Mustang GT3 at Sebring this week and spy shots of the car were leaked before it left. As one might expect, a view through the rear window reveals a fully caged chassis. The carbon-fiber Mustang is equipped with a large rear wing and a diffuser. Although these pictures are limited, it gives a glimpse into the depth that Ford Motor Company went to in creating its next generation of race cars. Stay tuned as we’ll be adding more pictures from Ford’s testing at Sebring!

Mustang GT3

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