The Coyote-Powered Riddler V-Drive Boat Is Up For Grabs

Any gear head can relate to endlessly scrolling on Facebook’s marketplace for hours on end, searching for whatever we can dream up and can’t afford. Every once in a while though, there is a golden listing, and this V-drive nicknamed the Riddler is just that listing. The Riddler is a 1000-plus horsepower supercharged V-drive boat that we have previously covered on Fordmuscle. Steve Shrader, the owner of Shrader Performance, built the boat and decided to sell this wicked ride to fund more bad ideas.


The Riddler was built for one purpose: and that, my friends, is the need for speed. You can bet that this rig can get there within a blink of an eye. So, if you are in the market for a boat, the Riddler is up for grabs on Facebook for a respectable $36,000. In our opinion, that’s not bad considering all of the time and hard work wrapped up in this one-off water-ripping machine.

If you want to ensure everyone looks at you while blasting across the lake, this is the boat for you. Just make sure the water is as smooth as glass when you put the hammer down. You also better hold on to everything in sight. The Vortech supercharger is on 12-pounds of boost and will try to suck up your soul if you’re not ready.

The bright green paint job with subtle air-brushed question marks all around the boat is a perfect touch and gives the Riddler its personality. If you do buy this boat, make sure and take it out early in the morning. We’re confident that any fisherman would love to see and hear this thing ripping at wide-open-throttle as the sun peeks over the horizon. Well, maybe not, but we would sure love to see the look on their faces.

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