These Beautiful Pulley Systems Will Modernize Your Clevor Build

These days you might hear the term, ‘hybrid’ and think of a gas-electric econobox, but the word really means the fusion of two things. Back in the day the 351 Cleveland offered the extra revs, while the 351 Windsor provided the grunt. The heads were cross compatible, so why not combine them for the best of both worlds. And, like that, the Clevor was born in a hot-rodder’s garage.

Anytime you are mixing and matching old parts you are going to run into issues. — Kevin Redd, Concept One

Of course, like any non-standard combination, there are always a few curveballs that require adjustment. Clevors mandate a special intake and headers to get the job done, but those have been available. However, what if you wanted to add a more modern, serpentine belt drive in place of the factory-style V-belts?

Concept One’s new Ford 351 Clevor Pulley System (PN CFL51; $1,945) offers a complete solution to convert your Cleveland-Windsor small-block to a more modern serpentine belt system.

Until recently, you might have been able to cobble a system together from used parts. But if your fresh Clevor build deserves something better, the front-end accessory drive experts at Concept One have a new Pulley System designed just for the Cleveland-Windsor hybrid.

Ford 351 Clevor Pulley System Standard Features

• 105-amp polished Powermaster one-wire alternator

• Alternator fan

• Alternator pulley cover

• Chrome hardware

• Compressor nose cover

• Complete bracket set for alternator, A/C compressor, power steering, and tensioner

• Crank pulley, water pump pulley, alternator pulley, and power steering pulley

• Exclusive Concept One billet aluminum pump mounted mini power steering reservoir

• Goodyear Gatorback belt

• New Delphi aluminum power steering pump

• New OEM spring tensioner with billet aluminum pulley

• Ultra small polished Sanden SD-7 compressor with billet hardlines

“Our background comes from being raised by a lifetime car guy. We grew up working for our dad in Service Station and Tire and Service center,” Kevin Redd of Concept One, explained. “Our dad has always loved cars, so after he sold his business in the late ’80s, we started a restoration shop after a few years I had a few ideas so I went to school to learn machining, my brother was in school to become a mechanical engineer so I had gotten a patent on a product started selling them.”

“Then, in the mid-’90s, we started making parts for a company in the racing industry,” he added. “In 2001 we decided to start designing and manufacturing our own Pulley Systems because we felt there was a market for complete pulley systems instead of individual pulleys and brackets. So, at that point Concept One was born. For the last 17 years we have been building and selling our Concept One Pulley Systems.”

One of the latest systems in that lineup is the aforementioned Ford 351 Clevor Pulley System (PN CFL51; $1,945), which is available in a number of configurations. It can be ordered in four different finishes (anodized black, anodized clear, machined, and polished), and with three different power steering pumps to sync up with a variety of steering racks (GM, Mustang II, and Fox Mustang).

The system can be optioned with several different alternators, finishes, and power steering pumps to suit your application.

“Over the years we have had inquiries about the Clevors, but never looked too closely at them. But a couple months ago we had someone asking for one and I had a little time, so I went out in the shop started looking at it,” Kevin said. “We had a Windsor block and some Cleveland heads so I bolted it up. We saw that we could use some of our Windsor parts and some of the Cleveland parts. Then we only had to make bracket and a few spacers to make it work.”

Now that these systems exist, it will be far easier to modernize your Clevor build with slip-resistant, easily swapped serpentine belt drive.

“Concept One Pulley Systems are made to fit. That is why we call them ‘pulley systems’ because they are all designed to work as a unit,” Kevin said. “Anytime you are mixing and matching old parts you are going to run into issues. Things work much better when everything is made to work together.”

You will need to order the right combination of air conditioning compressor, alternator, power steering pump and water pump for your particular application, but Concept One offers a thorough guide to walk you through the selection process. Once you order all the right gear, putting it on should be pretty easy.

The system bolts right on, but depending on what cylinder heads you are running, you might need to drill an additional hole in the passenger-side cylinder head to secure one of the brackets.

“The installation is pretty straight-forward. It is made to work with what we call the ‘small-block Ford long’ water pump. It is the ’86-’93 5.0-liter Mustang water pump that works with the ’71 and up timing cover,” Kevin said. “The only thing other than bolting the kit on is, the passenger-side Cleveland head only has one bolt hole in the OE head,” he added. We recommend drilling and tapping another hole. We supply a template for the location. And there is plenty of material in the head. We have seen that Edelbrock makes a Clevor head and it does have an extra hole in it. If we see a demand we will make a bracket for that head.”

If this system sounds like what you need, you can get more info on the official site right here.

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