Top Five Slammed Sensations From Carlisle Ford Nationals

The majority of enthusiasts like to lower their vehicle for race reasons or aesthetics, but there are a few out there who truly enjoy the low life. As patrons of car shows throw out derogatory remarks stating how the vehicle is ruined, the height-impaired car crowd wear those remarks with a sense of pride. The ability to slam a vehicle of any year or model allows them to build to their liking. At this year’s Carlisle Ford Nationals, the wild rides from the slammed community made their appearance.

If Darth Vader Drove An F-350

Although simplistic in looks, this Platinum F-350 with a 6.7-liter Power Stroke was fully built by Jimmy’s Rod and Customs in Florida. The chassis was completely restructured and allowed 26-inch Intro wheels to be tucked under the body. The bagged and body drop allows the truck to smash the ground below when the airbags are fully aired out. Once on the road, the truck’s owner simply pushes a button and the ride height goes back to streetable levels. To complete the looks, a 2020 front grill, headlights, and tailgate were installed. In case you’re wondering, this is the truck you’re looking for.

Carlisle Ford Nationals

Patina Pride

The majority of F-100’s have long since met their demise from being used as a work truck throughout their years. There are however a few that progressed from work truck to toy truck. This beautiful F-100 was still rocking the scars of use, but now has a twist of performance and power included. A coyote engine replaces the original and a performance suspension and brake package allow this truck to rail through the rural countryside with ease. In a sea of modern trucks, this one was a standout and a point of pride for the owner.

Carlisle Ford Nationals

Righteous Ranger Returns

Flashback to the early ‘90s and mini trucks were commonplace. As time progressed, these trucks have faded from existence with the only sighting being at truck shows. As of lately, these old rides have been making a strong comeback with the surge of attendance in the automotive scene. Sitting next to a full size van doesn’t help the exposure of this slammed ranger, it does however provide a context of just how small a Ford Ranger body is when the grass is tickling its underbelly.

Staying Focused

When you’re rockin a custom purple wrap with comical European vanity plates, you need the ride height to match the ride. In the case of this Focus ST, a set of Raceland Coilovers provided the drop and suspension tightness the owner was looking for. The ride height might be diminished, but the upgraded coilovers provide the owner the ability to stay focused on the corners, rather than fighting the soft stock suspension.

Carlisle Ford Nationals

Four Pieces Of Flare

The Mustang comes from the factory with a pretty low ride height, however, taking it up a notch is the owner of this white S197 Mustang. To keep the wide wheels from poking out past the wheel well, a set of super-wide flares were installed. The addition of a front spoiler and side skirts make this futuristic Mustang look out of this world.


Slammed Summary

Slammed vehicles might not be your thing, but you have to admire the amount of work some people have put into these rides. When you’re surrounded by 3,500 other Ford’s at the Carlisle Ford Nationals, things can start to be redundant. It’s these standouts that break the monotony of Mustangs and usher in another visual presence. Check out a few other slammed rides from this year’s event in our gallery below.

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