Video: Mustang Loses It On The Nurburgring

These days it seems like everyone and their mother is heading to the Nurburgring to test, tune, and break records at the famous German race track. While the fate of the Nurburgring’s ownership has remained up in the air for some time now, there are still plenty of racers willing to put their hard-earned dollars on the line for a chance to tackle the famous green hell.

This includes a number of European Mustang owners, which was recently declared the most-desirable classic car in the Old World. European Mustang owners pay a lot for the privilege, but it’s all worth it to unleash that big V8 on a track like a Nurburgring, though as this next video shows, things don’t always go as planned.

What we have here is a S197 Mustang GT from the looks of it, and nothing too incredible about it either; it doesn’t appear to be a Saleen, or a Shelby, or anything wild. Still, importing such a car to Germany can be a costly endeavor, sometimes nearly doubling the cost of a car like the Mustang to between $40,000 and $50,000 for a no-frills GT model.

Unfortunately for the Mustang driver in this video, he over-corrected on a sharp S-turn and couldn’t recover, slamming into the wall and no doubt causing thousands of dollars in damage, likely costing him significantly more than a similar crash would have in the USA due to the cost to import repair parts. Still, it could have been much worse had the owner of the Nissan GT-R trailing him not been on the brakes so fast. Still, it looks like the damage isn’t so bad that the Mustang couldn’t carry on, this is why the Nurburgring is loved and hated by so many racers and enthusiasts alike.

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