What If? Lowrider Ford GT40 By Abimelec Design

Here’s one from the “What if?” file. Artist Abimelec Arelleno hailing from Hermosillo, Mexico, has gained notoriety on social media with his mash-ups of cars and genres.  He’s created everything from Lincoln Town Car Bonneville racers to Hellcat-powered minivans with much fanfare.  Of course, all of his wild automotive “chimeras” exist only in the digital realm, but he never ceases to create controversy with whatever renders he posts to Instagram or Facebook.

Case in point, see this lowrider Ford GT40 render he recently unleashed on an unsuspecting public. As Blue Oval fans, we all have a special place in our hearts for the original Ford GT40 that beat Ferrari with a sweeping 1-2-3 victory at LeMans in 1966. Mr. Arelleno has no qualms about sacrificing sacred cows and he doesn’t hold back on this sparkling blue, lowrider GT40 render. We think the heavy metal flake body takes on a speedboat vibe, and the slammed, cambered stance with Cragers and 14-inch bias-ply tires are a big win. Squint and this thing even looks a bit like the Bradley kit car from the 1970s. Not great praise, but who cares? It’s all in good fun.

Here are Amibelec’s own words about his lowrider Ford GT40 render, “Glitter candy paint, thin white walls, chain steering wheel and chrome galore. Not the stuff you think about when someone says GT40, or should I say, GT37? Because I did the math and this digital GT40 now stands only 37 inches from the ground. Imagine all the sparks flying on the freeway. I had this in store for a while. The custom touches are pretty ‘normal’ lowrider stuff. The rear bumper is a flipped and skewed ‘69 Camaro rear bumper, and the interior is all stock, save for the aforementioned  chain steering wheel and white leather.”

Some might get up in arms about this but remember, no GT40s were harmed in this exercise. Besides, we say Vive le difference!


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