Wild Flared 1965 Mustang Rocks Small-Block Ford Power

The first-generation Mustang will forever hold a special place in the hearts of most Ford loyalists. As the original pony car, its remarkable ability to transform from its classic “secretaries car” into a Pro Street monster, with examples showcased at car shows across the country, has made it an even more versatile starting point. At any classic race event, you’re likely to witness Pro Touring Mustangs gracefully navigating corners. Many enthusiasts draw inspiration from the original Mustang through personal concourse restorations or from builds they’ve seen, but it’s Ken Block’s Hoonicorn that introduced a new generation to the untapped potential of these classic body designs. This 1965 Mustang, is one such creation inspired by the radical Hoonicorn. Thankfully, AutotopiaLA was able to document this beautiful car. 

1965 Mustang

Sinsister Looks, Small-Block Power

While some may choose to retain the original 200 cubic-inch inline-six under the hood or opt for the classic V8 sounds of the 289, Alex decided to give the car a punch of power via a 9.5-deck engine stroked to 408 cubic inches. This naturally-aspirated engine sits in a shaved engine bay and produces an impressive 600 horsepower. The combination of such power in a lightweight chassis ensures that this car is an absolute thrill on the street.

To prevent turning every stoplight into a smoke show, enhancements include an upgraded suspension, wider tires, and custom flares to conceal them. The rear suspension has been custom-fitted with a four-link setup to ensure that the substantial power is effectively transferred to the pavement. The 20×12-inch rear wheels fit neatly beneath a set of custom flares that seamlessly blend with the chassis. Ensuring that this beast can come to a halt are Wilwood brakes equipped on all four corners.

When it comes to crafting a restomod of this caliber, the interior simply cannot remain in its original state. Alex elevated the upholstery to a whole new level, featuring a fully custom interior that encompasses seats, door panels, and center armrest. The interior is bathed in a soft blue backlighting and is equipped with digital gauges for a modern touch.”

Restomod Done Right

The term ‘restomod’ often gets casually used, especially when a project involves a basic engine swap or custom upholstery. However, this 1965 Mustang is more than just a work of art. Every element has been designed to not only look stunning but also to deliver peak performance. Once the small-block engine comes to life and you hear the throaty exhaust note resonating through the 3-inch exhaust system, you’ll quickly realize that your ears are in for a real treat. 

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