With a Vengeance: Introducing Vengeance From Competition Clutch

If you’re someone who enjoys a wide variety within the automotive industry, you’ve probably heard of Competition Clutch. The company, located in Conyers, Georgia, builds clutches for everything from street-driven to full race applications, with clutches residing in some of the fastest sport compact race cars in the country. Most recently, Competition Clutch decided to come to the dark side and delve into the American muscle market with the release of Vengeance From Competition Clutch! After two years of anticipation, the team at Competition Clutch crushed the debut of their new Vengeance Clutch product.

They celebrated with a Mustang event at their headquarters, complete with a car show, burnout competition, prizes, DJ, food, and more! You can check it out by watching the video above.

In attendance were 110 cars and more than 300 people. We spoke with the event emcee and Competition Clutch Director of Global Social Media, Bear Dellinger, and she gave us all the details.

“This was our very first car show ever held at Competition Clutch, and it was a success,” she told us. “There were plenty of amazing Mustang builds, great people, and even greater memories. We even had the local Conyers Sheriff’s department come out and support the event. So, with that being said, we can’t wait to host our next one to be even bigger and greater.”

The burnout contest amazingly resulted in zero tire casualties, though we’re sure participants will be swapping in new rubber in the near future. If you’ve already stopped and watched the video, you’ve already seen the one and only fire of the contest. Bear told us the participant carried on for just a few minutes, but it felt like time creeped by as the smoke engulfed the crowd.

“The burnout contest was such a hit. We couldn’t choose just one winner, so we had to choose two, and both winners walked away with a Vengeance MPC clutch of their own to use in their next burnout contest.”

The first-place winner was David Viele of Miami, Florida, with a 2016 Mustang GT. The S550 had a Stage 3 Roush supercharger under the hood, with 72mm pulley and Lund R2 E85 tune. The runner-up spot was clenched by Kashad Magwood of Fairburn, Georgia, with his 2014 Mustang GT. The Mustang sports a ported intake manifold from a Gen 3 Coyote and long-tube headers. Exhaust flows through a 3-inch BBK X-pipe and Borla Atak quad-tip axle-back exhaust. It runs on E85 and a Lund tune.

You’ll be seeing quite a bit from our new friends at Vengeance From Competition Clutch in the upcoming months, but we wanted to give a quick overview of their product lineup in the meantime. Currently, Vengeance From Competition Clutch offers a range of clutches for our favorite Fords, from Fox-body Mustangs all the way to the latest and greatest S550 chassis. And best of all, they’re made right here in the USA.

“With many years of testing and properly assisting the needs of the enthusiast, we are formalizing our debut to meet our customers’ demands with quality and price points unlike any other brands,” explained CEO Chris Jewell. “All units are designed to meet the demands and characteristics of the unique enthusiast.”

2011-2018 Coyote Mustang Twin Disc Clutches

Organic: #DMI-07-04 Ceramic: #DM2-07-04 6-Puck: #DM3-07-04

Vengeance From Competition Clutch offers three variations of twin-disc clutches for the 2011-2018 Coyote-equipped Mustang: organic, ceramic, and 6-puck. The organic variation is compatible with 750 lb-ft of rear wheel torque, while the ceramic is good for 850 lb-ft, and the 6-puck will handle a tire-shredding 950 lb-ft of rear wheel. Each kit comes with the complete clutch and 1045 billet flywheel, which is finned to dissipate heat quickly.

The organic clutch features premium-faced organic 240mm discs, the ceramic version features premium-faced ceramic 240mm discs, and the 6-puck clutch features premium-faced ceramic 6-puck 240mm discs. Each clutch is topped off with a precision crafted pressure plate for easy modulating. Pedal pressure is easy and comfortable, while clamp load is doubled. The 2011-2018 Coyote Twin-Disc Clutches start at $858.33.

1996-2010 4.6L Twin-Disc Clutches

Organic: #DM1-07-02 Ceramic: #DM2-07-02

Like the 2011-2018 Coyote clutch kits, the clutches designed for 1996-2010 4.6L Mustangs are available in organic, and ceramic variations, and are built to withstand the same power levels at those built for the Coyote. There are kits with a 6-bolt flywheel available for the 1996-1998 GT, some 1999 and 2000 GTs, the 2001-2004 GT, and the 2005-2010 GT. Kits with the 8-bolt flywheel are intended for the 1996-1998 Cobra, some 1999, 2000, and early 2001 GTs, the 1999-2001 Cobra, 2003-2004 Cobra, and the 2003-2004 Mach 1. Clutches for 1996-2010 Mustangs start at $872.10.

1986-1995 5.0 Fox Body Twin-Disc Clutches

Organic: #DM1-07-01 Ceramic: #DM2-07-01-26T

Last but not least, Competition Clutch also offers clutch kits for Fox-bodies from 1986 to 1993 and the early, 5.0-equipped SN95s in 1994 and 1995. Clutches for these model years are available in organic and ceramic, and are also compatible with 750 lb-ft of rear-wheel torque and 850 lb-ft of rear wheel torque respectively. Clutches for 1986-1995 5.0 Mustangs start at $858.33.

For more information, visit www.vengeancefromcompetitionclutch.com.

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