Listen To An ITB-Equipped Coyote Engine Spin Through The Octaves

There is something about individual throttle bodies that provides my ears with the exact sound they were seeking. That sound is a mix between vintage racing and the high RPM ferocity that the modern v8 engine can provide. Well, Innov8 Race Engines once again brings the noise with a Coyote engine that is equipped with their individual throttle bodies. The last video provided from Innov8 Race Engines was a 7.3-liter beast strapped down, this time it’s a modern 5.0-liter from Ford Motor Company that is spinning its way through the octaves. 

It seems like everyone’s answer to modifying a Coyote engine is to simply apply forced induction. There is no denying the power potential that comes with a turbo or supercharger setup, however there are people who are not craving 1000 horsepower and much more prefer the driveability and sound of an individual throttle body setup mounted on the V8. No matter which way you prefer your engines performance be gained, there is little denying just how cool it looks and sounds with intake stacks. 


Not just about pancakes. These short stacks will fill your ears with beautiful engine notes.

The main complications we had with the Coyote engine was the ECU. Once you step away from the standard Ford ECU it becomes very expensive. I think we’re one of the only ones to run an ITB setup on a Gen 3 direct injected Coyote. Not as bad, but still hurt was buying four camshafts, compared to the one on the 7.3-liter engine. Roger Higgins, owner Innov8 Race Engines

Sit down, relax, and grab a cold beverage of choice as this engine is taken up to a 8200 rpm with ease. I shouldn’t have to mention this, but remove those headphones and let the sound of this 5.0-liter engine proclaim its victorious noise for all to hear!


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