PRI 2019: Amsoil Debuts New Fuel Additives And Slick Bottle Design

PRI 2019: Amsoil Debuts New Fuel Additives And Slick Bottle Design

Amsoil is renowned for its commitment to lubricants dealing with the most demanding forms of motorsports. While its core products can be relied on and trusted, they have debuted many new additives to enhance the performance of other products with the debut of some new fuel additives. There are many lofty promises out there for additives, too: increase mileage, boost power and octane numbers, even cleaning dirty fuel system components. Amsoil has formulated, tested, and analyzed these products to ensure they are delivering on what promises are made on the bottle itself.

Two of the Amsoil products we found at PRI 2019 were from the gasoline additive family, and we wanted to examine the benefits for weekend racers out there to have an edge with an older motor. The first product is the Gasoline P.I. (Performance Improver) that restores power, and the second is a gasoline additive that acts as a lubricant for the fuel system internals and upper cylinder area.

Naturally, we were gravitating to the performance improver first, to see what kind of boost a product like this would offer racers. This formula is a concentrated detergent that cleans the fuel system from the tank forward by adding it to a single tank. The cleaner removes harmful deposits from the valves, injectors, and upper cylinder itself.

The Amsoil motto of: ‘Cleans, Power, MPG’ is backed by the claim of reducing emissions while increasing fuel economy up to 5.7-percent. The product works with port- and direct-injection systems by removing power-draining carbon deposits and cleaning the internal areas you can’t. Every 4,000 miles, Amsoil recommends putting a bottle of this in to treat up to 30 gallons of gas.

On the flipside, Amsoil also told us about its gasoline lubricant that treats the entire system, valves, and the upper cylinders as well. The mission with this product is to combat the effects of all the ethanol that companies are mixing into gasoline to boost octane numbers.

Ethanol is corrosive and can be up to 10-percent of the volume of gas at the pump, but the Amsoil Gasoline Lubricant additive fights this corrosion, prolongs seals, and keep the injectors clean. This product preserves horsepower and performance but must be used more often to combat the corrosion and keep the fuel system spotless. It is recommended to be used every single tank, which one bottle treats up to 25 gallons.

Common to both the Gasoline Performance Improver and the Gasoline Lubricant additive are the new Amsoil bottle designs. One of the nagging complaints about many additive bottles is the filler is not long enough to open the fuel neck valve! You won’t have to use a screwdriver to prop that fuel flap open anymore; Amsoil’s long bottle top reaches way down in all fuel necks, so there is no spillage.

These new Amsoil products will leave many people thinking, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ After years of neglect, a couple of uses of these two new products from Amsoil should show just how much performance you’ve left on the table to the fuel system and combustion chamber.

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