SEMA 2020: JMS PedalMAX And BoostMAX

Electronics are a way of life in cars and trucks nowadays, and JMS is making them more accessible than ever with the PedalMAX and BoostMAX. If you own a Ford EcoBoost vehicle – F-150, Raptor, Mustang, Fiesta, and more – these devices will make a big difference in the driving experience.

We spoke with Director of Sales and Marketing, Adam Gloe, and Senior Marketing Manager, Nashona Haldane, to find out more about these products and what they bring to the table. “The PedalMAX and BoostMAX are each great on their own, but they also go really well together,” Haldane said.

The PedalMAX is essentially a throttle sensitivity booster, offering a refined driving experience by allowing users to change the sensitivity of throttle input on the fly. “The PedalMAX eliminates throttle delay by making the signal go faster,” explained Gloe. “It works off of the pedal position sensor and the vehicle’s stock harness to modify the signal to the throttle body. The magic is that it pulls out that throttle delay. Also, it doesn’t require a tuner’s expertise.”

The BoostMAX, meanwhile, modifies the amount of boost from the turbocharger. An included knob allows for on-the-fly adjustment while driving. “While the PedalMAX may enhance the feeling of power, the BoostMAX will actually add power,” commented Gloe. “We’ve seen upwards of 80 horsepower in F-150 testing.”

For anyone that owns an EcoBoost vehicle and wants more out of the driving experience, the PedalMAX and BoostMAX are must-have devices. To find out more, be sure to visit JMS’s website, and don’t forget to follow JMS on Facebook.

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