Evolution Performance Video Reveals Insane Power Of 2020 GT500

We recently shared a post from Evolution Performance asking readers what they thought the Evo Perf GT500 was capable of crunching out on the dyno. As reported, the car’s engine is stock, save for the addition of the 3.8L GEN-5 Whipple twin-screw supercharger wearing a massive 132mm throttle body and Whipple cold air intake. Of course, the fuel system needed to be updated to feed this beast, as well as various other ancillary components to safely shoot for the horsepower moon. You can find a complete list of go-fast goodies below.

The emphasis here is to finally show exactly what all those hard parts are capable of doing. We figured when Evolution Performance posted about putting its GT500 on the dyno with the new, larger Whipple supercharger, the results would be interesting. We just weren’t sure if it would be interesting in a good way or bad.

Now we know. In this video just released from Evolution Performance on their YouTube page, we now have the sights and sounds of the 2020 Shelby GT500 making 1,312 rwhp and 896 lb-ft of torque. That’s over 1,500 through the stock crank and DCT transmission and clutches!

That 3.8L Whipple supercharger proves that bigger IS better by boosting Villain’s horsepower at the crankshaft to over 1,500!

Even though the video is just days old, comments are already stacking up about the longevity of those factory driveline components. As with any pursuit of extreme performance, you’re always searching for the next weakest link. Others are surmising how quickly this street-driven atomic blast will go down the quarter-mile. As mentioned in the last story, the car has already proven capable of 8.88-second blasts at 158mph in the quarter-mile.

That may very well address both questions, as running the car on a dyno is very different from the shock loads experienced while hammering down the quarter-mile. So far, this Iconic Silver GT500 named “Villain” has proven to be quite reliable, but adding over 400-500 horsepower to a vehicle can have some very different results. There are also numerous other factors that weigh in how long components will endure the test of torque before they give up the ghost.

The dyno only tells half the story. We can’t wait to see how Villain does on the quarter-mile!

It will be very interesting to see how this story unfolds, but for now, we can congratulate the team at Evolution Performance for finding every pony hiding within the stock-based engine of the 2020 Shelby GT500. Check out Evolution’s Facebook page for any updates, as we KNOW these guys will surely take Villain out for a little track testing in the near future. Perhaps then all these questions will have definitive answers, or maybe our minds will simply try to imagine how far this ‘Stang of epic proportions may actually go!


2020 Shelby GT500 “The Villain” – 100% Street Car

(Built By Evolution Performance, Inc.)

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