Ford Announces Four Finalist For Mustang Trim Naming Contest

A few months ago Ford Motor Company announced they were running a contest to rename the current black out edition Mustang trim package. The previous name of “Mustang Black Accent Package” was mediocre in comparison to the sinister looks the all-black Mustang gave on the road. Citing the cult-esque fanbase’s love for the Mustang, Ford decided to give these loyal fans a chance to name the trim. After 25,000 entries it appears the Blue Oval has narrowed it down to only four names.

As of lately, Ford has gained a reputation for rehashing old names into new vehicles. Unfortunately, these new vehicles are typically nothing like the old. Yes, we’re talking about the Maverick, Lightning and Mustang Mach-E. While each vehicle has done quite well in its respected category, the internet has been abuzz with hatred towards the disruption of their thoughts on what each title should portray vehicle wise. This time around it appears only one name could conjure up memories from previous Fords.

On Ford’s social media page four names were showcased as the contest finalists. They are Nite Pony, Shadow Stallion, Alastor, and Shadowmare. For those readers who vaguely recall 1991 and 1992, you might remember a few special edition F-150 and Broncos with the “Nite” name attached to its title. These pre-Lightning trucks featured black paint, black out trim and an early ‘90s thick side strip that transitioned from blue to pink, as it spanned the truck’s side.


In 1991-1992 Ford had special edition F-150 and Broncos holding the Nite namesake.

The other three names revolve around Mustang word play, however, a special one to note is Alastor. In Greek mythology, Alastor was the name of the black horse belonging to Hades. Hades’ chariot was pulled by four houses when he rose from the Underworld, but none of the other three horse names would make the finals. Could this be the build up for potential future models?

Since Ford has rushed the launching of the S650 Mustang from April 2023 to September 2022, it will be interesting to see if this name will be shown at the Detroit Auto Show. It’s also peculiar that “Mustang Dark Horse” was trademarked a few months back, but not listed as a candidate for the content. Either way, this all further fuels Ford’s presence at the September Auto Show.

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