Mustang Week To Come Out Of Retirement For 2023

Mustang Week has been a staple event for Ford Mustang owners to attend for over 21 years. The annual summer pilgrimage to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has brought the Mustang community together from all over the country. Each person brings a distinct and different approach to how they build their personal Pony car and it shows. It is this diversity and camaraderie that makes the week long events hosted from Murrells Inlet to Myrtle Beach a must-attend. Nearing the end of the week-long festivities, is a two day car show that showcases everything the Mustang community provides.

After 21 amazing years though, Mustang Week was slated to retire the show. Touting the 2022 event as “The Last Trip To The Beach,” everyone thought the end was here. However, after much of the audience begged to continue the tradition, they have paired with a partner who not only saved the event, but will allow it to continue at the same location. Mustang Week also announced they will be providing a smooth transition for the new group to manage the week long invasions of Mustangs stampeding through Myrtle Beach moving forward.

Mustang Week will return out of retirement in 2023 and run from September 4-10th in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The week-long festivities will take place once again with the car show rounding out the week at the Myrtle Beach Mall. To say we’re excited to see the event continue on would be an understatement and we look forward to seeing everyone at the 2023 show!

The show welcomes Mustangs of all variety. Everything from race prepped to classic cruiser are well represented.

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