Slick Transmission App Makes Setting Your Driveline Angle Easy

Slick Transmission App Makes Setting Your Driveline Angle Easy

If you’ve ever built a custom drivetrain, you know all of the little challenges that come along with it. One of those little challenges that most people don’t even think about is the issue of getting your driveline angles dialed in. If your angle is too great or two little it could cause vibration and excessive wear on your universal joints — and we’re talking literally one or two degrees off making all the difference in the world.

You don’t want your driveline angles out of whack or you’ll have vibrations or failures. The angle needs to be just right to work properly.

Silver Sport Transmission is well aware of this issue and it’s a real problem for them when people are installing its new transmissions and new drivelines without getting the angles right. They sell a part that’s direct fit for a stock application, but if your application is not stock, it could cause a poor driveline angle leading to premature failure of components and poor ride that people think are from the recently installed parts, but in reality, it’s due to an incorrect driveline angle.

The app is extremely detailed, and using it will make the process of getting your driveline angle dialed in much easier, and you’re more likely to get it done right the first time.

To work with the weekend warrior and home-garage gearhead, Silver Sport Transmission released an app that will help calculate driveline angle so that it’s as easy as possible to ensure the driveline angle is accurate. The app is called Drive Line Angle Manager and can be downloaded onto any smartphone or tablet using the Android operating system.

The app is extremely detailed and will show you exactly where your measurements come up short, where they are good, and what you need to change to get things fixed.

Using the application is extremely simple. Once you’ve downloaded the application, open it and you’ll see a screen that gives information about how the driveline is currently configured. The screen will prompt you to add measurements from your system in both degrees and inches. The app provides information about how the driveline components work together, how things need to be measured out, and the angles that you need to make. Most importantly, the app will ask you for some simple measurements and computer the exact angle that your driveline should be at in order to get the ideal driveline angle.

If it sounds like a solution for you, you can download the app right here.

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