This 1,000HP, Turbocharged Three-Valve Mustang Is Seeking Sevens

A 1,000-horspower Three-Valve build is hard to even imagine, but when you see this 2007 Mustang GT rip down the track as fast as it does, you know you don’t need to imagine it anymore! Five-Bar Motorsports out of Fort Myers, Florida, built this beast, and they didn’t cut any corners when doing it. The car is currently running the low eights and has broken 150 MPH in the quarter mile

The engine is a 298 cubic-inch, Three-Valve 4.6-liter engine with an 88mm turbo and a 2,000-horsepower-capable intercooler. The engine is built using forged crank rods, billet I-Beam connecting rods, and stock heads with upgraded valvetrain gear. The block is also stock with no sleeves, or anything like that, but it’s otherwise been completely rebuilt. It even still drives on the street, parachute and all.

This is what over 1,000 horsepower looks like between the fenders of a 2007 Mustang GT. With this combo, the builders at Five Bar Motorsports expect this car to run in the sevens.

The shop is still performing some upgrades and getting things dialed in, but is conifdent this S197 can break into the  7.8-second e.t.range when everything in the current build is sorted. We are really looking forward to seeing the outcome with this combo, and have no doubt that it is going to make one killer drag car when it’s complete. It’s already awesome, but getting a Thee-Valve Mustang into the high-7 second range is an impressive feat to be sure.

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