ICYMI: Ford Muscle’s Top Stories from April 2021

Hey, the internet is a busy place and sometimes things get lost in the mix. I get it. Well, have no fear. I will break down this month’s stories on Ford Muscle that you may have missed. Here’s just enough info to wet your whistle, but don’t forget to click those appropriately colored blue words to get the full scoop.

The Mach 1 is Back!

And no it is not just a rebadged Bullitt according to Steve Turner. That legendary blonde pony tail made its way into the driver’s seat and had nothing but great things to say about what could be the best S550 track car yet – a mash up of the best Mustang parts and some tweaks fit for a soulful track racer.

Project F-Word

Our 1969 Ford F100, aka Project F-Word, has been in the express lane to completion since Jump Street. We’ll circle back next month on the final installation of the Ford Performance Gen III Aluminator, but in the mean time we got our exhaust fab’d up using Hooker components and then called our friends at Holley again for the fuel system. It’s a pretty cool setup that uses a Sniper EFI tank for a 1969-1970 Mustang that is relocated under the bed – because why on earth would you want to keep the tank by the cab? To close out the month, we got our steering system completed with a new IDIDIT column, Borgeson steering shaft, and DSE/PBH pump setup with more Earl’s plumbing.

Boosted Coyote-Powered Focus ST

It’s an old concept, stuff a high-powered V8 into a small economy car and you have an insane power to weight ratio. However, this Focus ST takes it to a new level by converting from front-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive, connecting to a 700hp Whipple-blown Coyote and 6R80 transmission. And we are totally here for it.

Happy Birthday, Mustang

It all began April 17th, 1964. Longtime Mustang scribe Rod Short takes us through the last 57 years of Mustang history starting with the 1964 World’s Fair and the ensuing media blitz. People have been crazy about the little pony every since.

What Did I just Say?

Here you have it: factual proof that people AROUND THE WORLD love the Mustang. For the past six years, the Mustang is the best selling sports coupe according to IHS Markit Data.

7-Second S550

What a time to be alive. You can drive 7s–literally 7s–in a package that is totally capable of being driven on the street – proof positive. Not only has turbo and supercharger technology come a long way, but [lordybagordy] fuel injectors have improved light years. Forget about those old peak and hold injectors that required a new injector driver and idled like your author looking for his glasses in the morning, as well as those crazy 9-, 10- and 16-injector setups.

The Mach-E GT Can Also Go to Plaid

Come on. You have to admit the Mach-E GT is pretty cool. As much as a crossover SUV with an electric motor and a Mustang badge may make you want to scream, this is a pretty capable little ride – especially with a track-only mode to increase the power and giant brakes.

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